Everyone wants to live in a well-built house which is free from all flaws. However, the health of our home more or less depends upon our attention and concern towards building or repairing it. One of the most neglected parts of a house is its roof. A roof undergoes the most devastating circumstances such as thunderstorms, heavy winds and ice damming. It needs to be taken care of. Hiring an ideal Roofing Durham contractor should be the first thing on our priority list while thinking of roof repairing or replacement. How to determine that a contractor is ideal?

Well, let’s have a look at a few questions you should ask before hiring your contractor.

# 1. Address: The most basic thing to ask, but a vital one too. You need to know the background of your contractor. If the roofing company doesn’t have a proper physical address, it could turn fishy. In situations like these, you should move on.

# 2. Insurance: Nothing in this world can be taken for granted. How can you take a chance on your contractor? An ideal roofing contractor should have workman’s compensation and liability insurance. These insurances protect you in situations where the employee of the contractor gets injured, also if your property gets damaged.

# 3. License: Government’s license is necessary for a roofing company. You would not want your on-going work to be stopped or hampered due to some licensing issues. License requirements, however, vary from state to state. You should contact the licensing officers of your locality to get your contractor’s license checked.

# 4. Can you make me visit any of your on-going projects? Visiting the on-going projects of the company makes you ensure the authenticity of its work. There are a lot of claims that a company boasts of. By paying a visit to its projects, you can judge the company’s claims and credibility.

# 5. Time limit of the job: Inquiring about the duration of the project is a crucial thing. The contractor should give you a proper time estimate along with a description of possible delays.

# 6. Asking about Subcontractors: You should ask about the subcontractors required for the project and their additional expenses. Your prior information about the subcontractors would prevent the company from adding any false details about subcontractors or additional expenses.

# 7. References from past jobs: If you get to talk to the past clients of the contractor, you will get a clear idea of the temperament and work of the contractor.

#8. Payment Terms: Discussing the payment terms before the start of the project is necessary. There are cases where there is a big difference between the price estimate and the actual amount. Having a prior discussion would clear the doubts and won’t let the contractor put wool into your eyes.

# 9. Warranties: There are a few warranties on roofing materials. You must ask your Roofing contractor about the warranties on the materials being used in your roofing.

# 10. How will you leave the site at the end of the job? You would not want yourself to do the cleaning part at the end. You must discuss with the roofing company about the cleaning-up tasks and their expenses too.

If you get satisfied with all the above queries, you should hire the contractor. Keep talking to different roofing companies until you get completely satisfied with a particular one. After all, it is your home. You must take care of it.

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