ipv6 adoption

The discovery of the internet was undoubtedly the most significant discovery of the millennium. It led to the unification of the whole world with just a press of a button. The internet opened up a whole new prospect of connecting with people worldwide and made it simpler, faster and more efficient. Today around 40% of the world’s population has access to the internet in their own devices.

What Is An IP?

The method or protocol using which data is sent from one computer to the other over the internet is known as IP or Internet Protocol. Every computer that is connected to the internet has its own unique identifier in the form of an IP address. Thus each of the 3.5 billion devices which can access the internet has separate IP addresses!

Whenever data is sent or received, the message gets divided into small modules known as packets. All of these packets contain the sender’s IP address and the receiver’s IP address. First, the packet is sent to a gateway computer. Here, the gateway computer processes the destination addresses and forwards the packet to a secondary gateway. Then, this gateway, reads the destination address and this continues so on and so forth across the Internet until one gateway recognizes the packet as belonging to a computer within its close surrounding, also known as the domain. Then, this gateway sends the packet to the computer whose IP address is mention in the packet data.

What Is IPv6?

IPv6 is the short form of “Internet Protocol Version 6”. IPv6 is the Internet’s next-generation protocol, which is designed to effectively replace the current Internet Protocol, IP Version 4 (IPv4).

IPv6 was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force, an organization which caters to the development of Internet technologies. The IETF anticipated the need for more IP addresses due to the exponential increase, created IPv6 to accommodate the growing number of users and devices accessing the Internet.

IPv6 adoption has allowed more and more users and devices to communicate on the Internet. Under IPv4, every IP address was only 32 bits long, which allowed 4.3 billion unique addresses. Whereas, IPv6 addresses are 128 bits, which allow for over three hundred and forty trillion, trillion unique IP addresses.

Advantages of IPv6

1. Larger IP Address Space:
The major edge that IPv6 has over IPv4 is that the later used 32 bits for allocation of IP addresses which allowed only about 4 billion unique IP addresses. Whereas IPv6 uses 128 bits of allocation of IP addresses and thus can store up to 340 billion times four (3.4×10^38) IP addresses, which is almost more than the population of the earth!

2. Assignment Of Client-Side IP Address:
An inherent feature of IPv6 allows automatic and dynamic assignment of IP addresses by a client device. Therefore unlike in IPv4, a DHCP server is not required. This, in turn, makes it more efficient as routing becomes simpler and cost of managing IP distribution decreases.

3. Assignment Of Multiple IP Addresses:
One of the most interesting features of IPV6 is that it allows assignment of more that one IP address to one device. This helps increase the versatility and flexibility of the device as one can stay connected to several networks at the same time without having to shuffle between multiple devices.

4. Simplified Error Control Mechanism:
IPv6, unlike in the IPv4 has no checksum verification mechanism. Considering the fact that everything sent via an IPv6 network has its own error control mechanism, therefore checksum verification at IP level is not required. This, in turn, makes the connection faster and more reliable.

5. Built In Encryption:
IP Security or IPsec provides cryptographically based security at the IP level. The addition of IPsec was optional in IPv4, but IPv6 comes with IPsec built in it. This makes it way more secure and less prone to breaches that the older IPv4.

Thus we see that IPv6 adoption has revolutionized the internet. It has brought a change in which we perceive the entire concept of the internet. This change has opened a route for future inventions and is the stepping stone to the next big revolution coming our way which is the internet of things.

dental implants Toronto

How often have you forbidden yourself from having that delicious bar of chocolate in order to protect what is left of that cavity-ridden molar tooth?

Now, you don’t have to anymore, with advancement in orthodontics such as dental implants, with a simple painless surgery you can get the teeth replaced easily.

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is nothing but an artificial tooth root which is inserted into the jaw to permanently or temporarily affix the artificial teeth in position. Usually, it is made out of titanium since it is most bio-compatible with the jaw bone. The process of direct fusing of bone with an implant is called osseointegration.

When we lose a tooth, some part of the bone that helped in supporting the tooth is lost with it. A dental implant helps reinforce the jaw and thus preventing future bone loss and also plays a cardinal role in maintaining the jaw bone’s shape and structure.

Why Are Implants Better Than Dentures?

Dentures are extremely cumbersome and way too inconvenient, thus implants are a way better alternative as they never have to be taken out and thus feel more naturalistic and comfortable. Implants are also better than standard bridges and crowns because they are not cemented in place. Bridges and dentures when mounted on implants don’t shift or slip in the mouth and thus make tasks like talking and eating absolutely painless.

Benefits of dental implants:

  • They are the best alternative to replacing missing teeth as they always tend to offer a permanent solution.
  • They are way cheaper than bridges. On an average one implant costs less than three bridges combined.
  • After the implant gets fixed into the jawbone, there will not be any more bone loss in that particular area.
  • Implants are close to being extremely natural and thus they look and feel exactly like normal teeth.
  • Implants are extremely durable and if properly taken care of, can extend even up to 20 years.
  • Implants make you look younger and achieve that perfect smile you have always wanted.

How affordable is it in Canada?

The inherent question that most people residing in Toronto and throughout Metro Vancouver have – how much do dental implants cost? Although there are quite a few variables to that question, the quicker answer is: The treatment cost can vary widely from $2400 to upwards of $20,000. Therefore it is recommended that before going through the procedure, you should always ask for the estimate of the entire treatment from your dentist. If you are still skeptical about which dentist to choose for this intricate procedure, just head over to dental implants Toronto where you get to choose from the best dentists and also check their rating given by satisfied patients.

Insurance Coverage

One of the very first things you should do is to check with your insurance company to see if dental implants are covered by your plan. This is crucial because if the health insurance company bears the cost you have a lot less burden to worry about and can only focus on choosing the best place for having the procedure done.

Another option would be to have a check with your dentist or implant surgeon and inquire if they have any other financing option or payment plans. This could actually end up saving you the entire struggle of dealing with an insurance company as your dentist might already have the answers you are looking for.

Dental implants, like any surgery, are a delicate and serious procedure. There are a lot of variables attributed to the entire procedure which has to be taken in context before proceeding with it. Places like dental implants Toronto, help us make up our decision regarding the procedure and also choosing the best doctor possible for the job. Thus getting a dental implant now is an absolute cake walk which can be easily afforded by the masses. Always trust dental implants Toronto with their expertise in dental implants to regain the smile that was always meant to be yours!

Car hire Sydney

Planning a trip is a lot of work. Sure, a vacation may be all about rest and relaxation, but getting there is an avalanche of decision making, number crunching and budget planning that can give you headaches. One of the primary concerns most holiday-goers have is about transportation.

Being in an unfamiliar city is nerve-racking enough without the added stress of not knowing how to travel from one place to another. While some prefer to rely on local transportation and hired cabs, others like to dispense with the hassle of depending on others by renting their own cars. Both have their own merits and demerits. Car Hire Sydney helps you decide which option is the best fit for you.

Know where you plan to go
It is imperative that you are aware of your possible itinerary during the trip. For most major cities, public transportation is convenient enough that you can get by on cabs, trams, subways or trains. The commute may be a bit crowded, but it will not be a hassle. But if you plan to visit suburbs or places out of town where public transportation is infrequent, renting your car is your best bet. You can leave anytime you want, go take a short drive around and check out spots that would have been otherwise inaccessible.

Check out your destination’s public transport system
While most major cities have efficient public transport systems, a lot of places don’t. Before going out and relying on a non-existent public vehicle, be sure to research the transport system available. A lot of cities around the world aren’t as interconnected as you would want them to be. A lot of places have public transports which stop running after a certain time leaving you stranded. With a rented car none of these is a problem and you safely travel whenever you need to.

Surge Charges and Elevated Pricings
A lot of trips are planned during vacation times, international holiday or what can be termed as ‘tourist season’. By now, we all know what happens to public transport during peak times. Crowded buses, claustrophobic trains or Uber prices that are three times more than what they should be. Renting a car can save you much of this hassle. There is no need to pay extra or subject yourself to an overcrowded vehicle. Ride smoothly and on your own time.

Accessibility for disabled people
If you are someone who has special needs while getting around, make sure that the place you are visiting can cater to these needs. A sizable number of places do not have disability-friendly public transportation. In such a case renting a car is your only choice.

Know the local language
Often times, public transports have signboards in their local language which tourists are not familiar with. This becomes a problem since you need to depend on the kindness of strangers (and their ability to understand you) or a tour guide. If you are not confident about the local language, it may be a safe bet to hire your own car and be in charge of your own travelling.

Going to a new place is a novel experience, but it can be marred by the pitfalls of difficult travel. However, with this tips you can now safely make the right choice and eliminate a lot of stress and thus, enjoy your vacation completely.

Growing up, we’ve all vowed to ourselves that when we have kids of our own, we’d be the coolest parents ever. We’ve all seen our friends’ parents or our aunts and uncles who would be so cool with their kids and think, “That’s exactly how I’ll be when I’m a mom”.

But, when you actually do have kids, you realize that it is not easy to be a fun parent. For starters, you’re always worried if you’re cutting your kid too much slack. You don’t want them growing up irresponsible. Then there comes a time when you choose being responsible over being the fun one, because you want your kid to grow up being serious about stuff.

Modern parenting methods, however, are different. Being fun and loving is more stressed upon because there have been many cases in which the child becomes emotionally damaged because of some small thing that had happened years ago. The importance of giving them a comfortable and loving environment to grow up cannot be stressed enough.

So, here are some ways you can score bonus points for being the cool parent.

1. Be Nice And Fun To Your Child’s Friends

If their friends think you’re cool, the chances are that your own child will start considering you to be fun as well. If you’re the mom who packs fun lunches, everyone is definitely going to love you; and this is not even that difficult to do!

2. Spend Time With Your Kids Doing What They Love To Do

So, your little girl wants to watch Disney movies today and as an adult man, you’re thinking of ways to escape from this plan? No, don’t! Spending time with your child, doing what they love can make you seem infinitely more loving in their eyes. They’re going to get a lot excited when their favourite part comes and talk to you excitedly about it and the best part is, you’re around for that! The same applies to video games or pretty much any story they want to tell you. You’re never too old for all that!

3. Pamper Them Sometimes

Okay, so we understand that you don’t want them to eat a lot of chocolates or get them all the toys that they ask for. Basically, you don’t want to spoil your kid. But, have you seen Charlie’s Chocolate Factory? Willy Wonka’s dentist father does not let him eat chocolates ever and it damages him. You can pamper your kids from time to time as long as it is in moderation and they feel like it is a reward for doing something good.

4. Be Encouraging

Be encouraging if they want to try out something new. Also, don’t force them into all sorts of classes if it seem like they are not enjoying it. Extra-curricular activities are supposed to be fun, so make sure you find what interests them.

5. Be Creative

If your child loves space-related things, getting them a space-themed bedroom can make you the coolest parents ever. Or if your daughter loves princesses, get her a princess bedroom. These things can be done in pocket-friendly ways as well and they will be some things about their childhood that they will never forget.

These are some small and simple ways that can help you get the reputation of being a cool parent. Baby shows will allow you to interact with professionals and other parents. By understanding what works by talking to everyone, you can make yourself a cooler and better parent. There are plenty more and the more you do, the more you win your kids’ love.