EVER heard about sex on two wheels?Well, if you haven’t, be ready to slobber up and have a look at these sexy motorbikes which will leave you drooling for more.

2017 Yamaha SCR 950

The nouveau Yamaha SCR 950 is awesome where it matters the most. Those nostalgic old manner plates and the curvaceous body of the bike is just a sight to die for. The SCR looks and feels exactly sturdy, yet a beast to handle.

2017 Triumph Street Cup

The motorcyclist sits glued to the motorcycle, courtesy of the low handlebars and the road hugging chassis. It has pointy handling and responds to the slightest touch.

2017 Honda CBR500R

The 471cc engine is sleek, suave and powerful and a delight to power up and show off, and the handling is smooth and serene, whether around town or in the canyons.

2017 BMW G310R

This is one classy and crazy thing from BMW with a 313cc engine. It is a known fact that BMW makes expensive bikes but this just might not burn a hole in your pocket and still make your heart race. To get better help consolidating your network, visit DNS security.

Ducati SuperSport

The Supersport has been released standard with a system that dials in specific riding and power modes like that of a modern day SUV or off road vehicle because that is what it is, and includes road grip and traction control along with anti-lock braking system or anti-skid braking system. After all it is a Ducati—the Supersport is one good-looking bike.

2017 Victory Octane

Victory motorcycles are not for the weak-willed and certainly not for the lightly loaded, as they almost always never cost below $10k. But that is not the case this year with the latest Octane. Although not an all-new motorcycle—it shares a lot of its physical make do with the Indian Scout 60. But that is a thing to be cherished as the Scout is in itself a celebrated motorcycle.

Roads are the most common medium of transportation in any country. They need to be well furnished for smooth and safe drives. However, most of the accidents occur at roads in which careless driving remain the soul cause. But there are some roads which challenge the drivers’ skill, courage and bravery. Here is a list of some most dangerous roads in the world which are responsible for many deaths per year and the counting is still going on.

1. Atlanterhavsveien, Norway

This road in Norway has two entirely different faces. While it is regarded as one of the most beautiful roads, it is also one of the most dangerous ones. Stretching over 5 miles through small islands, this road paves way of crashing your vehicle in the ocean if not driven carefully.

2. North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Being narrow at a high cliff, this road witnesses many deaths every year. Rainy season adds some more challenges to the drivers in this road. Want to be a perfect mother of your loveliest child? You must visit baby shows for sure then!

3. James Dalton Highway

If you visit Alaska for the first time don’t ever try to drive your rented car on this road. The icy roads along with usual transportation of flammable oils make this road much risky to drive.

4. Jalalabad-Kabul Road Afghanistan

This 65 km stretched road between these two countries is not dangerous due to insurgency. The narrowness and reckless overtaking causes myriads of lethal accidents.

5. Eshima Ohashi Bridge

By mstk east (eshima oohashi 04) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By mstk east (eshima oohashi 04) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Often nicknamed as ‘The Roller Coaster Bridge’ in Japan, this road is one of the steepest in the world. You can easily have an assumption of the risks on this road.

6. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

You would be amazed after looking at the construction of this road. It is carved out of a mountain which make it a dangerous one at such height.

7. The Himalayan Road

Considered as the highest road in the world at a height of over 11000 m between India and Tibet. The tourist bus drives dare to drive this one lane road along the Himalayan mountain which is only filled of dirt.

A human body undergoes numerous changes mentally and physically as well in 24 hours. The changes are quite noticeable and similar to everyone as we, almost, have a same regular hectic schedule daily.

Let’s have a look at the video below and understand how human body functions throughout the day:

Wake up

Our day starts with laziness in waking up which is also called hypnopompic state caused by sleep inertia. We are not energetic, usually confused and irresistibly do our after-wake-up stuffs. Body temperature is usually low but our blood pressure constantly rises this time. Also stress hormone starts functioning in our blood stream in order to prepare our body for stressful day. Shower time has dual faces first it prevents more bleeding in cuts due to shaving as blood is sticky that time and secondly it is high time for the heart attack.


Image grabbed from the embedded video


Flavors in our food is recognized mainly by our nose than the tongue as vapors of our food passes to nasal cavity and then to the olfactory through our mouth.


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Working Time

Working requires sharp mental activity and so our body prepares itself to do it efficiently. Usually we are sharpest after 2 hours of waking. It influences our range of mistakes too as we do almost one third of mistakes in morning than afternoon. However, adults have a reverse tendency of making less mistakes in noon and evening. By using indoor navigation technique inside the offices, greater time can be saved.


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Lunch Time

Our stomach expands a little to engulf the lunch and keeps them until it is sent to intestines. Also there is a brain inside our stomach sensing everything related to nutrients in food to the state of our immune system. After lunch fatigue and sleepy state is common to all.


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We are more able to strengthen our muscles in gym at evening than in the morning. It is because the clear opening of our airways and efficient working of our heart.


Image grabbed from the embedded video

After Sun Set

It is the best time to have drinks with your drinks and get attracted to opposite gender. We disperse attractive scents from our armpit which generally seeks attraction.


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Pineal gland initiates a sleep cycle happening multiple times at night. Body undergoes a series of alpha and theta waves signifying sleep. There is a fact for the children as their most of the bone growth occurs at night. We lose reasoning and logical sense resulting in vivid and intense dreams.


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Apart from the work a man does in his office everyday, there are a number of skills he has to acquire in order to make everyday life smooth for him.

Being good at your job is important and it can take you places. But learning some new skills that can help with things at home is equally important. As a guy, there is still a tiny expectation on you to do these things and there’s no harm in learning something that can help you in your everyday life.

1. Parallel Parking


In today’s world where almost all parking lots are always full, be it the malls or your office building, learning to parallel park is crucial. This applies to women drivers as well. Check this out to learn how to parallel park perfectly!


2. Changing the tires and fixing your car


Nobody expects you to do the full job of a mechanic every time your car breaks down. But knowing what to check when your car stops in the middle of the road, what parts have failed and basic troubleshooting can help you in times of crisis. Sometimes, the problem may be very small like changing a flat tire and you might have to wait for a while before you get it fixed because you didn’t know how to fix it yourself.


3. Cooking


Cooking is something that every guy just HAS to learn. Even if you don’t learn to cook difficult dishes, it’s mandatory for you to learn how to switch on your stuff and make some very simple dishes. This way, you can learn to surprise your wife and make her happy. And every time she’s out of town or you have to go away on a business trip, you don’t always have to eat out.

Also, most men today know how to cook, but it’s still included in the list because it’s absolutely essential.


4. Fixing Your Roof


Your roof can get slightly damaged every once in a while and it’s always good if you have the knowledge and tools handy to repair small damages. Though your roof may get completely damaged over time at which point you should call your roofers Toronto (if you live in Toronto), taking care of small fixes should be within your scope.

It’s completely okay if you don’t know how to fix your roof, but you should at least make it a point to learn how to identify small damages so that you can take care of it before it turns serious.


5. Changing The Bulbs


This is essential because the tube lights and bulbs in your house might require frequent changing. Having some spare lights in your house and learning  to fit them will be very helpful.


6. Console A Crying Baby


Nothing can make a man sexier than watching him play with kids naturally. Comforting kids and especially babies who cry a lot can be quite difficult, but being able to do that can give you a lot of happiness that not many things can.


7. Learn To Lead The Dance


No, you don’t have to learn and move like Michael Jackson. But learning basic dance steps and how to lead your partner in a dance can be quite helpful because every girl likes dancing and guys who are good dancers are easily 10 times more attractive than guys who are just clumsy on the dance floor.