Apart from the work a man does in his office everyday, there are a number of skills he has to acquire in order to make everyday life smooth for him.

Being good at your job is important and it can take you places. But learning some new skills that can help with things at home is equally important. As a guy, there is still a tiny expectation on you to do these things and there’s no harm in learning something that can help you in your everyday life.

1. Parallel Parking


In today’s world where almost all parking lots are always full, be it the malls or your office building, learning to parallel park is crucial. This applies to women drivers as well. Check this out to learn how to parallel park perfectly!


2. Changing the tires and fixing your car


Nobody expects you to do the full job of a mechanic every time your car breaks down. But knowing what to check when your car stops in the middle of the road, what parts have failed and basic troubleshooting can help you in times of crisis. Sometimes, the problem may be very small like changing a flat tire and you might have to wait for a while before you get it fixed because you didn’t know how to fix it yourself.


3. Cooking


Cooking is something that every guy just HAS to learn. Even if you don’t learn to cook difficult dishes, it’s mandatory for you to learn how to switch on your stuff and make some very simple dishes. This way, you can learn to surprise your wife and make her happy. And every time she’s out of town or you have to go away on a business trip, you don’t always have to eat out.

Also, most men today know how to cook, but it’s still included in the list because it’s absolutely essential.


4. Fixing Your Roof


Your roof can get slightly damaged every once in a while and it’s always good if you have the knowledge and tools handy to repair small damages. Though your roof may get completely damaged over time at which point you should call your roofers Toronto (if you live in Toronto), taking care of small fixes should be within your scope.

It’s completely okay if you don’t know how to fix your roof, but you should at least make it a point to learn how to identify small damages so that you can take care of it before it turns serious.


5. Changing The Bulbs


This is essential because the tube lights and bulbs in your house might require frequent changing. Having some spare lights in your house and learning  to fit them will be very helpful.


6. Console A Crying Baby


Nothing can make a man sexier than watching him play with kids naturally. Comforting kids and especially babies who cry a lot can be quite difficult, but being able to do that can give you a lot of happiness that not many things can.


7. Learn To Lead The Dance


No, you don’t have to learn and move like Michael Jackson. But learning basic dance steps and how to lead your partner in a dance can be quite helpful because every girl likes dancing and guys who are good dancers are easily 10 times more attractive than guys who are just clumsy on the dance floor.

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