It seems that it’s time to bring in the DNS firewall, for hackers are becoming knowledgeable about the fact that the internet is easy to hack, and the DNS layer is not often protected. As the intrusion detection/intrusion protection systems have become the most common form of protection, then it’s time to turn to the DNS layer, with the subsequent DNS firewall, to protect the systems that we love so much.

The DNS firewall adds an extra layer of protection beyond just the traditional ID/IPS protection, and the DNS firewall can circumvent many types of malware, making sure to keep your system ultimately the safest it can be in perilous times. Many Fortune 500 companies have been subject to malware attacks, and while they were protected in the ID/IPS realm, these attacks could have been prevented–up to 80% of them!–if they had had a DNS firewall in place.Another really great thing about the DNS firewall is that you already have, on your computer, the specific DNS infrastructure to set it up and run it really easily. You can set up a firewall in a number of days with just scripts, vendor solutions, sources, and also a good talk with the DNA administrator. It’s a pretty easy answer to the typical complaints that malware is taking over a computer, don’t you think?

We stand behind the percentage of cases of malware and phishing that could be averted–80%. This is a solid figure, and it lets you know that much malware information is documented, and with a firewall for DNS in place, you could avert the phishing schemes and malware by storing their data in your firewall. While this type of firewall may still seem like a new idea, you’ll ultimately find that it’s really easy to install, and you’re sure to love how simple the solution can be if you just give it a true chance.

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