Many people that don’t know a huge amount about computers are unaware that every computer has an IP address, which is basically like a fingerprint to that specific computer. The IP address is a means of tracking where something has been created, where something was done on a computer, or to identify a handful of different things. For example, if a person does something that is illegal on their computer, there is a good chance that that same person may be tracked down by their IP address. If if were not for the ability to find these addresses, there would be quite a bit of additional anonymity on the internet and on computers, which truly would not be a good thing.

However, this does not stop people from attempting to do whatever they can to hide theirIP address, and while there are some people that are able to do this, it really does not happen on a large scale. One of the biggest concerns that a lot of people have had about their IP address is the fact that many people think that the things they look at on the internet may be traced back to them. While a person may be using the internet, or on their computer and are not doing something that is illegal, there is no question that most people would not like the government, or anyone else to see what they are looking at.
This is a valid opinion, especially when you consider the fact that there has been huge amounts of whistleblowers that have shed light on the amount of snooping that the government has engaged in. This involves checking out phone records, as well as looking into the various IP addresses that people are using, which can be quite frightening to individuals who do not like big government. Despite the fact that an IP address can be something that allows a governmental body, or literally anyone that possesses enough knowledge to hack on a computer the ability to infringe on someones privacy, there is no doubt that having these addresses on computers is a great thing, as they are a great identifying tool.

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