A human body undergoes numerous changes mentally and physically as well in 24 hours. The changes are quite noticeable and similar to everyone as we, almost, have a same regular hectic schedule daily.

Let’s have a look at the video below and understand how human body functions throughout the day:

Wake up

Our day starts with laziness in waking up which is also called hypnopompic state caused by sleep inertia. We are not energetic, usually confused and irresistibly do our after-wake-up stuffs. Body temperature is usually low but our blood pressure constantly rises this time. Also stress hormone starts functioning in our blood stream in order to prepare our body for stressful day. Shower time has dual faces first it prevents more bleeding in cuts due to shaving as blood is sticky that time and secondly it is high time for the heart attack.


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Flavors in our food is recognized mainly by our nose than the tongue as vapors of our food passes to nasal cavity and then to the olfactory through our mouth.


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Working Time

Working requires sharp mental activity and so our body prepares itself to do it efficiently. Usually we are sharpest after 2 hours of waking. It influences our range of mistakes too as we do almost one third of mistakes in morning than afternoon. However, adults have a reverse tendency of making less mistakes in noon and evening. By using indoor navigation technique inside the offices, greater time can be saved.


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Lunch Time

Our stomach expands a little to engulf the lunch and keeps them until it is sent to intestines. Also there is a brain inside our stomach sensing everything related to nutrients in food to the state of our immune system. After lunch fatigue and sleepy state is common to all.


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We are more able to strengthen our muscles in gym at evening than in the morning. It is because the clear opening of our airways and efficient working of our heart.


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After Sun Set

It is the best time to have drinks with your drinks and get attracted to opposite gender. We disperse attractive scents from our armpit which generally seeks attraction.


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Pineal gland initiates a sleep cycle happening multiple times at night. Body undergoes a series of alpha and theta waves signifying sleep. There is a fact for the children as their most of the bone growth occurs at night. We lose reasoning and logical sense resulting in vivid and intense dreams.


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